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The Racket Package Publishing Experience

The process of publishing my first Racket package was largely painless, but understanding a few things up front would've helped.

Separating Database Interactions Into Distinct Objects

Most frameworks use an Active Record design that couples database behaviors to objects. Fortunately, there's another way.

Ditch The Template System

Stop using template systems and start writing object oriented code.

Making CodeIgniter Models Testable With PHPUnit

When you're wrestling with an old CodeIgniter application, it's hard to make changes with confidence. Getting the model classes under test is a crucial step to eventual decoupling from the old framework.

Internet Explorer Randomly Hides Iframes

Today I noticed Internet Explorer hiding some of my Youtube embeds. Here's how I worked around it.

Autocomplete Codeigniter Libraries in PHPStorm

We who work with PHP are all likely to encounter a crusty old Codeigniter application during our careers. Make the experience a little less painful by helping your IDE autocomplete libraries and models.